How our studio works


We are a Ukrainian web studio, we create modern, non-standard websites. We have over 3 years of experience and over 100 projects in total. At first, these were simple sites based on ready-made solutions, now, according to the pioneer of professional growth of our specialists, the main part of our work is sites made from scratch – they have a non-standard design with a wide use of animations and non-standard functionality.

How to create a quality website?


The site is created to solve business problems, and part of the contractor’s job is to help the client draw up a correct and accurate visual project of the future site.

This project is called design, and its creation is the first and crucial step. Here we must decide what we will do – a landing page, a corporate site, an online store, or an individual site, which will combine the properties of all types.

Also, at the stage of creating the design, we outline the functionality of the site. This work usually takes place in close cooperation with the client. There are times when the design is created quickly, literally “on the fly”, and sometimes it is necessary to go through 2-4 iterations.

But one way or another, it is absolutely necessary to develop a design that suits the client and is feasible within the available time and financial budget. It should be understood that almost everything can be implemented, the question is how long it will take and how much it will cost)

What do you get?


You get the expected positive result)

We form a development team, create a work plan and execute it.

You get a website that really helps your business grow.