Tepla Hata

Site for building company

To create a website for a company producing panels for outdoor insulation. The administrator should be able to add main products, objects in which the main products were used. The dealer network should be displayed on an interactive map, the selection of dealers is carried out by regions of the Russian Federation.


The site is made on the basis of WordPress. The main product of the company – panels for outdoor insulation, are WooCommerce products. The construction objects in which the main product was used are a separate data type that is associated with the corresponding products. Dealers are a separate data type.

WooCommerce Implementation

The main products of the company can be sold relying on the full power of WooCommerce – different types of payment, delivery and inventory control.

Products Short Descriptions

Users will benefit from having a brief description of the product on the Product Card.

Product Selection based on Attribute

Due WC inner structure customer can easily select product by it’s main attribute – color, size, weight

Completed Objects

Many objects, during the construction of which the company panels were used, are included in the site data structure. The user has the ability to view objects filtered by the color of the panels used.