Local USA Movers

Corporate site for local carrier

The challenge was to create a simple and fast website for a local carrier in the United States. Website promotion was originally planned with its own content. Content management is 100% done from the administrative area, the site operator should not have any additional skills. Particular attention was paid to the multi-page contact form, it must provide the collection of absolutely all the necessary information to calculate the order.


Implemented full control of the content of the SEO site by specialists from the administrative zone. Tkmatic articles are based on pages, access to pages is realized through a powerful navigation menu and competent linking. Additional descriptive information is posted in the posts that make up the news block.

Powerful Contact Form

The contact form provides collection of 9 fields on three screens, the form is integrated with the internal CRM system.

Powerful Navigation Menu

The menu allows you to display the most important information of the corresponding pages

SEO promotion

implemented the ability to add descriptive information, structured by categories in the form of posts and reviews.